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Supermarkets must stop making us accomplices in the destruction of the ocean

Forced labour, physical and verbal violence, deprivation of freedom, destructive fishing methods, the slaughter of marine animals, sharks, rays, turtles and coral reefs: this is what hides behind the canned tuna sold in supermarkets.

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Stop mega trawlers!

Did you know that, in Europe, the largest fishing vessels, which represent 1% of the fleet, catch half of the fish? These factory-vessels can measure up to 144 meters in length and catch 400,000 kilos of fish per day! This is as much as 1,000 small-scale fishing vessels in one day at sea.

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TotalEnergies wants to destroy the ocean and the climate in South Africa

TotalEnergies launches a new climate bomb. The irresponsible French oil major wants to exploit two huge gas fields in South Africa in spectacularly rich marine areas, which provide critical protection, food and home to thousands of whales, dolphins, birds and turtles. A guaranteed carnage for biodiversity and the climate.

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For marine protected areas

Did you know that the worst fishing methods are allowed in European Marine Protected Areas ? For truly protected Marine Protected Areas, call on the European Parliament and sign this petition!

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